Excursion to the Hermitage and Sightseeing bus tour

The Hermitage in St. Petersburg is one of the largest museums in the world. It is the pearl of St. Petersburg. State Hermitage is famous for its numerous collections, which encompass world culture from prehistoric times to the present day. Located in the heart of Saint Petersburg the Hermitage occupies five historic buildings, which are the architecture monuments, including the Winter Palace, former residence of the Russian Tsars. On the tour you will see the fascinating and wonderful world of the Hermitage interiors, with more than 3 million exhibits. In 240 years of its existence the museum accumulated a collection of almost three million exhibits, including significant art collections of Ancient East, Ancient Greece and Rome, Islamic arts, Italian Renaissance, XIX—XX centuries paintings, etc. The Hermitage is also home for the art pieces from the Saint Petersburg imperial palaces, collections of Russian Emperors dating to XVIII—XIX centuries, as well as numerous art pieces created on the orders of the Tsars by famous artists of Europe.

During the sighseeing tour you can feel the breath of history at every step in amazing St. Petersburg! The Northern capital, the brainchild of Peter the Great, the cultural capital of Russia, it is a city where almost every building is an architectural heritage; it is a city of parks, museums, palaces and cathedrals, theaters and, of course, bridges. We invite you to the city tour, a journey through the history of the foundation, construction and prosperity of St. Petersburg from the time of Peter the Great up to present days. Sightseeing tour is the most popular way of first acquaintance with St. Petersburg. You will see St. Isaac’s square with a majestic St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Bronze horseman, Admiralty, solemn the residence of the Russian emperors – the Winter Palace as well Of the Savior on Blood, field of Mars. You will drive to places that have long become the symbols of St. Petersburg on a comfortable bus. During the bus trip you will see many important monuments of architecture, and you will be able to get off the bus and take pictures the most important and beautiful of them. The final stop of the tour will be the majestic St. Isaac’s Cathedral.A professional guide will make your trip informative, he will reveal the secrets of history and will explain its intricacies. You will be able to enrich your knowledge about St. Petersburg and really feel its unique atmosphere.

It’s important to know:
– Stops on the route last 10-15 minutes.
– The tour ends at the hotel Sokos Olympia

The cost of the excursion is 35 EURO per person. The deadline for ordering and payment the excursion is September 25, 2019

You can order and pay the excursion in your Personal area in the section Social program or if you need our help please contact us canprot@onlinereg.ru